AI for Discrete and Hybrid Manufacturing

We develop AI powered software to increase manufacturing performance, predict manufacturing downtime with Machine Learning, and enable you to "talk to the factory" with GenAI.

Key benefits our software delivers

Effective downtime reduction
We enable planned and unplanned stop labeling at the factory floor, creating insight into how to reduce downtime -and use these labels to predict future downtime using machine learning.
Improved OEE and performance
Through detailed line and station monitoring in real time, we enable improvements in machine and line performance, resetting expectations on line capacity and raising overall throughput.
Higher quality across the line
Through sensorization, we collect and analyze process variables, enabling direct monitoring ad prediction of quality outcomes.
Accelerate time to insight
Using FactoryGPT we enable you to talk to the factory an ask the factory and its machines questions directly around performance, availability, quality and any metric.

Allie - AI for manufacturing

We live on the factory floor. We connect directly to PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA systems to acquire data via our gateway an send it to the cloud for analytic, predictive, and generative purposes.

We sit on top of the physical layer creating your own dataset or connecting to your Historian to extract insight, enable prediction, and enable generative insight.

Our product suite

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Allie Secure
Edge Gateway

Secure seamless connectivity to the factory
Connect your factory
Sync information without limits
Communication protocols for any PLC or sensor
Encrypted communication
SSL certificate, end-to-end protection
View the app on any device

Allie RealTime Factory

Streaming real time analytics
Factory Dashboard - showing full OEE and breakdown in performance, availability, quality
Advanced charting of key metrics, and pareto charts of stops and other factory outcomes
"God view' of manufacturing lines across stops and variables
Process variables with clear view of thresholds and variables in range / out of range
TV Screen

Allie Machine Learning

Predicting downtime and root cause
Predicting probability of downtime in real time
Predicting root cause of downtime based on historic downtime labels
Rearview mirror look to determine effects of floor actions
Reinforcement learning to improve future accuracy
Get predictive alerts for:


Talk with the factory, using GenAI
Generative Business Intelligence for production and plant managers
Ask the plant any question, or select from more than 50+ popular manufacturing prompts
Comparison of metrics across time frames, shifts, production orders, or other time frames
Top shareable chart output - pie, column, flag, Mekko, bump and other charts for key reviews

Deploy Allie at the factory in 3 steps

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Machine instrumentation and data acquisition

Acquiring high quality real time data

We walk the manufacturing line, identifying critical stations to take OEE and quality metrics. We perform PLC installations, communication upgrades (e.g., Profinet, Ethernet, etc, an install our Allie Secure Edge Gateway to collect real time data. When data is available in a Historian, we piggy-back on existing data infrastructure.

Real time factory visualization

Full factory view across metrics

We enable real-time view of the manufacturing lines. Start by viewing the factory at high level, drill down into lines and stations, and get a timeline view of planned and unplanned stops.
Monitor process variables where available. With integrations and connectors, we sync with operating systems, including ERP, MES, CMMS, and signal-enabled data sources. 

Allie uses AI to structure and organize the data, preparing it to feed and train your models.

Generation and Prediction

Applying GenAI and ML to the factory

With available factory data, you can now "Talk to the Factory" and ask the manufacturing line any question about performance of any metric at any point in time. This dramatically accelerates time to insight n longer requiring slicing and dicing of data.

Leveraging the real time data, we finally enable a real time prediction for downtime and its underlying root cause.


Allie focuses on select industry verticals

We adapt to your processes and we have the experience to empower various sectors:

Construction materials

Detailed control of the production of each asset, with differential use functions for the handling of raw materials.


Highly specialized expertise in various food processes

Liquids and Beverages

Deep expertise in all areas of beverages including mixing, pasteurization, filling, hot fill, cooling, labeling, palletization and all others ensuring smooth operation.

Electric Components

Advanced and consistent production, to accelerate development and time to market.

Impact and traction to date

Machines connected
Downtime hours saved
Average increase in productivity
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